West Ham

West Ham (WHU)

Location: England
Founded: 1895
Alternative names: West Ham United
Manager: David Moyes(Since: 29 December 2019)
Preferred formation: 4-2-3-1
Stadium:London Olympic Stadium(Green Street, Upton Park, London)
Squad value: €439.60m(#11 in Premier League)

West Ham's Premier League History

Here you can see a summary of West Ham's history in their 28 seasons in the Premier League since it's formation in 1992.
This data includes both current and past seasons so you can see for example, if West Ham have ever have won the Premier League or been relegated and when, their highest and lowest league finishes as well as their average finishing position and more.
Total Premier League Seasons:
28 seasons (1072 matches)
Premier League Titles:
Premier League Runner-ups:
Total Premier League Points:
1350 points over 28 seasons
Highest league finish:
Lowest league finish:
Average league finish:
Average league points:
48 points per season | 1.26 points per match
Average goals scored:
48 goals per season | 1.25 goals per match
Average goals conceeded:
56 goals per season | 1.45 goals per match
Position distribution:
In their 28 Premier League seasons West Ham has finished:
* = includes current season.
5th1 time
6th1 time
7th3 times
8th1 time
9th4 times *
10th4 times
11th1 time
12th1 time
13th3 times
14th3 times
15th2 times
16th1 time
17th1 time
18th1 time
20th1 time

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Goals scored: 9(1.5/match)
Goals conceeded: 17(2.83/match)

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18 Apr 2024


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