About EPLFixturesToday

EPL Fixtures Today was established over 7 years ago with the goal of providing you, the Premier League fan with a comprehensive and up-to-date list of upcoming fixtures involving Premier League Football (EPL) teams.
We filter through 100s of football fixtures every week to find all the fixtures involving just Premier League teams be it the current Premier League season, Arsenal in the Champions League or an all Manchester FA Cup final we've got it covered.

We cover all leagues and cups that Premier League teams play in including: The FA Cup, EFL Cup, The UEFA Champions League, The UEFA Europa & Conference Leagues and friendlies so if you're a Premier League fan this is the place for you!!

We provide stats, team Premier League history, week and weekend match previews, results, Premier League predictions, official goal & match highlights and more.

Our Team

We are football/soccer fans just like you: we watch, live and breathe the Premier League week in, week out. We are a small independant family run website who simply can't get enough of the Premier League or football in general. Our weekends revolve around big matches be that the title run, relegation battles or the FA Cup final.

Get in touch with our team at eplfixturestoday@gmail.com

How to use EPLFixturesToday

Fixture lists

It couldn't be simpler, just view our homepage and the fixtures for the day involving Premier League teams will be displayed for you with kick off times converted to your timezone. If you want to see the fixtures for the whole week or coming weekend you can use the match filter tabs above the fixtures list.

To find out more about a match including team form and league position, match highlights, lineups and even what TV channel a game is on just click the match time or score and you'll be take to the match page.

Fixture lists and match pages like all the data critical pages on the site are "live" so whenever a score changes, highlights or line ups are added to a match or any data changes the page will automatically update with the latest data.

Team pages

If you only care about one team (Arsenal! - we try to stay impartial) you can visit our Premier League teams directory where we list all the current and past Premier League teams so from there you can select you favourite team and see their next 5 & last 5 matches, current standings, their Premier League history, previous seasons standings and matches and other useful data.


At the end of the day or well the season it's the final standings that matter! Our standings page is updated after each round of matches so you see where you team lies. We also show standings from previous seasons if you're curious about how the 2019/20 season finished for example.

Head to Head Timelines

A new featured added in May 2024, you can now use our Head to Head Timelines page to compare the history of matches between 2 teams since the Premier League was formed in 1992. We analysis all the matches in our system between the 2 selected teams and provide insight into who has won or lost the most, cleansheets, biggest wins and losses, goals per match and more. Here's an example for Arsenal vs Aston Villa.


Our Premier League highlights page finds all the official Premier League and other competition highlights on YouTube and posts them in one place so you don't need to scroll around YouTube looking for them yourself, the page is "live" so just sit back and wait for those highlights to come in.

You can also find specific match highlights on individual match pages and the fixtures list contains a "play" icon to indicated when highlights or other media has been added for the match.

Historical Premier League Data

We love stats and data especially when it's about the Premier League. Previous seasons can be found on our competitions page where we have data on every Premier League since it started in 1992.

Competition pages also include the final standings, champions, relegated teams, who was promoted the previous season as well big transfers from the given season, top scorers and more.

Facebook page

We're also active on Facebook and post daily fixtures to Facebook and share other Premier League relates posts. Right now we have 33k followers so why not join this great community too!

Our History

EPLFixturesToday.com started out as a bit of fun to see if we could provide a fun and easier way to find out when your favourite Premier League is playing or when they last played as well as the competitions they play in.

In early 2024 we launch a new version of the site using new technology to provide a better user experience and simpler design and better "live" data. We are constantly tweaking and evolving the site and have TONNES of new features in the pipeline for the coming weeks and months.

Features In The Pipeline

  • Browser notifications for weekend fixtures and when your team is next playing
  • Newsletter back online and firing: Our newsletter with weekend fixtures has been on pause for awhile now but we're working on firing it back so every Friday the weekend EPL fixtures will and in your inbox!
  • Premier League Head to head history: historical match lookups for head to heads between 2 given teams, great to see how 2 teams historically match up.
  • Team squads & player profiles
  • Team honours timelines: we recently added team Premier League history summaries to team pages so you can see how many times a team has won the Premier League or been relegated or what their average, highest or lowest finishing positions have been, we're planning to extend this to give you a timeline on each teams trophies and honours.
  • Even more stats and analysis from previous seasons