WATCH: The day Gareth Bale showed the World how good he was/is!!

Gareth Bale has had a rough time of it in recent years at Real Madrid but it hasn't held back his success at the club, winning just about everything there is to win at the club. Still sometimes it's easy to forget just how good he really is, check the pace he shows in this epic Champions League match!!

It was October 20, 2010 & the first season in the Champions League for Tottenham. This game against Inter who were defending champions seem like it would be a one-sided affair and for the first 14 minutes Spurs were 3 goals down and playing with 10 men, so by all accounts it was!!! Bale however had different plans displaying his effortless pace to completely leaving the Inter defenders in his wake! He repeated the same in the return leg making Inter defender Maicon look like he was in slow motion!